Saturday, June 09, 2007

Skype Recording with CallBurner

Recently CallBurner is a new standalone Skype recording add-on from the Australian team behind Skylook had announce its revolutionary service that records and saves Skype conversations with crisp, clean, and professional-quality recordings.

Your Skype voice conversation are recorded directly to MP3 files without  any additional plug-in software installation. You can convert Skype voicemails to MP3 or WAV files that you can listen to later or save it in your MP3 player for further listening.

This isn’t free software; users get a 14 day free trial then there’s a charge of $49.95 (Windows only), but if you are a Skype addict or on the go conducting business or interviews over Skype that have a need to record calls it’s a price worth paying.


With this third party software, this is advantageous to those who are into business meetings, recording conferences, seminars and lectures and podcast interview recording while keeping a complete archive of all the calls you made.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Skype Release its version 3.0 for Windows

Skype 3.0 is in beta 3, and with that it adds functionality that is bound to hit the blogosphere. You’ll be able to click to call, via a link on your website. A great way to spread the Skype brand, no doubt. Already you’ll find most prominent bloggers having a Skype account for you to bother, posted on their blogs, so this is a natural step.

Other news include Skypecast to handle up to 100 users in a huge, moderated conference call. A IRC like text chat is apparently also added.

Well, lets try it ASAP :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Skype phone for Mac users

A product that lets Mac users with Skype connections use their mobiles to make and receive Skype calls through their handset has been announced. EQO Communications has released a beta version of EQO Mobile for Skype for Mac OS X. The release means Mac users can extend Skype VOIP calling and messaging to their mobile phones.

The solution consists of a small client application that runs on the mobile and another on the Mac. As long as Skype is active on the computer, users can use EQO’s software and their mobile to keep in touch with Skype contacts.

The software lets users make and receive Skype calls, exchange Instant Messages, and view presence information about their buddies over the Skype network. Over 45 different handsets from vendors including Nokia, Motorola, Palm, and Sony-Ericsson are supported. EQO recently introduced support for Palm TREO 650 and Motorola ROKR, SLVR, and RAZR phones.

The company’s website explains: “When you call a Skype buddy or another number through the EQO client, or someone calls you from Skype, EQO routes the call to your phone over your regular wireless voice service using SkypeOut. This means you can truly make and receive Skype calls from anywhere on your handset, without needing a highly advanced 3G mobile phone and without being connected to a high-speed wireless data network.”

Commenting on the release, EQO vice president of marketing and alliances Ian Andrew Bell said: "The Mac community has proven itself to be a vibrant group, always on the cutting edge of communications technology. We recognize that providing our service to these market leaders is key to getting the word out that, with EQO, practically anyone can extend their Skype experience to their mobile phones."

EQO Mobile for Skype consists of EQO Mobile Internet Phone Service or Skype, which was launched at the 2006 DEMO technology conference and also EQO Mobile Instant Messaging for Skype, introduced at Spring VON 2006.

The announcement was made at the CTIA Wireless 2006 conference, and it brings the number of EQO-supported handset models to more than 45, including some of the most popular devices from Nokia, Motorola, Palm, and Sony-Ericsson.

EQO uses a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a presence-enabled Voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling network to bridge online identity, VoIP calling, and Instant Messaging services to more than 200 million J2ME-capable mobile phone handsets already in use worldwide.

Skype Goes Gold?

Amidst the formal announcement of Skype Video Gold for Mac this month, lots of users worldwide aired their dissatisfaction over the latest updates for Skype 2.0. One of the primary concern is the video quality. It is said that it gained inferior video conferencing capability than to its previous version (beta). According to the users discussion, they rather go back to the previous version than to gamble their Macs to the present upgrades.

In my personal opinion, it seems that Skype developers have not tested it well specially to all Mac skype capable machines. They have waited the users to react and tested their product for possible in compatibility and glitches. They have first to consider some plug and play devices attached and built in into Mac machines and study more for its product quality control before it opens for public.

Nevertheless, this is a product in progress and for sure Skype developers are doing its job to address this glitches and at least we, skype users must be thankful that we have these brilliant developers that giving us this tool that have changes the way internet users communicate to the world for FREE!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Funny Commercial of a girl taking a guys shorts

I have received this link from a friend in L.A who is fond of watching videos from You Tube, Filmstack and Google Video. This viral ad campaign seems to work nowadays and it easily capture wide audience. The birth of P2P application such as Skype can make this viral a success because it can easily be shared to anyone. Aside from this, it has the capability to syndicate its contents and post it to your blog.

I'm just hoping that someday, Skype would create an option to record a video call at the same time you can use this to record your own personal video.

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Funny Commercial of a girl taking a guys shorts - -
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Skype reached 136 million

eBay reports on its third quarter result this week that it shows 20 percent rise in the subscriber’s base of its Skype services. Now the total subscriber of Skype is 136 million, an increase of about 23 million over the second quarter. After it buys Skype last year, it has a dramatic increase of 137 percent from a year ago.

Skype has also brought total revenue of $50 million for eBay. On the other hand, eBay recorded net revenues of $1.449 billion during Q3, showing 31 percent year-over-year growth. Gross merchandise volume has increased just 17%, to $12.6 billion, and overall marketplace revenue has shown 22 percent rise, down from 35% growth a year earlier.

Skype with Tojan Calls

After making a big splash in the news through its $2.6 billion deal with eBay, Skype Technologies can't be happy about a malicious Trojan horse that is circulating as an e-mail attachment and purports to be the newest release of the company's Internet telephone software.

The e-mail, claiming to contain version 1.4 of Skype's VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) software client, contains a variant of the IRCbot Trojan horse, according to MessageLabs Ltd., which issued a warning earlier this week after detecting and blocking hundreds of copies of the new variant.

Skype released the new version on Oct. 10.

A widespread of unsolicited e-mail, or spam, contains malicious software, as criminal groups seek to infect computers with malware in order to add new systems to their botnets, or zombie networks . Users who launch the attachment see a fake "installation error" box on their screens, according to MessageLabs. What is actually happening, however, is that the malware is installing itself, altering the registry and shutting down shared access and Microsoft's Windows update services. It then tries to connect to an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server but fails.

"What has drawn attention to this particular Trojan -- and not the many other Trojans out there in cyberspace -- is the fact that this malware is part of a well orchestrated phishing attack based on a very convincing e-mail that uses the name of a widely familiar company and a timely occasion.

Skype is concerned about the incident. The company said that it doesn't use e-mail to inform users the latest version of its software but does use digital signatures to ensure that its software releases are valid.

Users can verify the authenticity of Skype software by confirming that its digital signature is valid, the company said. Instructions for checking this are described in the Skype Administrator's Guide, available at:

Friday, September 15, 2006

Skype Video for Mac !

Skype for Mac with Video Preview
Finally, a video skype for Mac was finally released. Though it is on a beta, this is a nice upgrade to my Skype 1.5 and this gives me the ability to use video conferencing to my boss while he is in New York. The good thing about it is now cross platform, so no worries with PC users.

The new version has some features alike with Apple's iChat that I am using. The only difference about it "Its Free" no need to own a .Mac account. Skype enable more than 113 million users worldwide to make simultaneous video calls to any part of the globe and it continues to attract users. The video is crisp with clarity that anyone can enjoy. Just make it sure that you have a DSL connection to enjoy your conversation.

In VoIP call, cross-platform is the new name of the game. What i really need is a tool that i can use in both PC and a Mac. Skype gives the solution to this barrier and I really love it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Nokia Phone to carry Skype Feature

A news broke out about Nokia's shipping new version of the N80, which is dubbed as the Internet Edition. The phone offers wireless LAN access with an easy-to-use wizard to help in configuring Internet access. It is said that it contains “Internet services not previously installed together on Nokia devices.”

The good news about the phone is that it allows users to place Internet calls using voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) that have been an issue with the Telcos in the Philippines and we never knows whether Telcos will be actively promoting this in our country, as they have been continually campaigning against it. VOIP is a solution for all users who frequently has conversation abroad and it threatens to eat up the cash flow that the long-distance phone company charges.

One of its feature is “You can share your moments online—take a snap photo and send it directly from your device to your Flickr site for your friends and family to enjoy, too. You can also connect to the Yahoo! Community using the Yahoo! Go for Mobile application.”

The VOIP framework, according to a Nokia press release, is integrated into the phone’s interface that “making an Internet call with the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is as easy as making a regular voice call; only the call is carried over WLAN.” The phone also allows downloading “compatible third party Internet call applications.” The Nokia N80 Internet Edition, comes out of the box ready to create, connect, consume and interact with some of the Internet’s most popular services.»