Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome to Skype Users Philippines

The power of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is inevitable and growing rapidly. Several P2P applications have able to come-up with internet telephony such as SIP and IAXs. Today, several big names in internet business likes of Yahoo and Google had already joined the bandwagon. But they cannot surpassed the popularity of SKYPE .

Since my first exposure to the internet way back 2002, I've been facinated with all these internet stuff that simplifies our world right in our computer desktop. I have tried to call PC to landline software but it is not yet supported here in the Philippines during those years. The good thing with the developement of Skype by the same mastermind of P2P software Kazaa. is that they have maintained their original business model- giving it for FREE. We'll who doesn't love freebies?

Skype if compared with other VoIP clients is that Skype operates on a peer-to-peer model, rather than the more traditional server-client model. The Skype user directory is entirely decentralised and distributed among the nodes in the network, which means the network can scale very easily to large sizes (currently just over 100 million users) without a complex and costly centralised infrastructure.

I been able to use last year when a friend from California informed me about it thru chat. Since then, we have constant communication and spread things about it with our batchmates in other part of the world. At present, I am an Skype enthusiast and fanatic with its additional gadgets. At the office, we also implemented Skype as our official telecommunication facility as we keep in contact with our "boss" in America.

On this blog, I will be discussing more about Skype, how it popularized here in the Philippines and how the existing TELCO's reacts on the development of this technology. I am inviting everyone to share their views and join me here 'coz I don't know my frequency in updating this blog. Feed up your request so I can add you to my users account.


clarisa said...

i am using skype here in the UK. My concern is that I want my family to use skype but i don't know how can they access into to. I've been researching and i am still on the impression that skype Philippines is not available yet. I had seen only 30 people in the entire nation is using skype. I am very happy using the skype. thank you.

Andrew said...

If you are using skypeout in the UK get it subscribed for calls to uk and get a free UK skype in number. I know you got to to the account managing from UK> But then just email the link to download skype along with the log in details to your relatives in the Philippines. Then get them to call you on a landline number in the UK even if your computer is off. Make sure you are using a UK paypal account so you have control over the usage. You get 166 hours or so for calling to UK. My GF can even call me on my cellphone and the UK skype in number comes up on the caller display for me to call back. I then have 3000 inclusive landline minutes a month under my cellphone contract. It's great we talk normally for 2 to 3 hours every day and our love is blossoming. When she is phoning me on the cordless home phone, the only thing I need to worry about is have I enough charge in the battery? hehehe Happy Calling!!

Andrew said...

Another way to get free skype in calls to UK on your cellphone from the Philippines is to get one from 3 starting at £29.99.

Your relatives can also see you online and likewise you to them. The skype calling is free with 3. You only need to invest in the telephone.

Another way to completely drain your cellphone battery every day! Kuhmusta Nanay, Tatay, Attie, Ditta, Kuya, Ditto, Lola, Lolo. Hehehehehehehe

The Hulk said...

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